The Flesh and Blood of Jesus

A Testimony of the Holy Communion


This testimony happened in October, 2013 when we were having our Fall Spiritual Convocation at True Jesus Church in Irvine. During the Holy Communion, I was sitting next to my father toward the front of the chapel. My father told to pray to God to teach me so I can understand that this is really the flesh and blood of Jesus and not some ordinary bread and grape juice.

When we were waiting for the bread without yeast and the grape juice, which is not wine, I was praying to God to teach me how the bread and grape juice is really the flesh and blood of Lord Jesus.


Finally, when it came to take the bread I gave a silent prayer for a pretty long time before I ate the bread. When I was finished praying, I looked at the bread. Then suddenly the small thin piece of bread looked like a thick piece of human flesh with layers, with the skin layer on top. It was about half inch thick. There was epidermis and the dermis, followed by the meat. I learned in science that the epidermis is the outside layer of dead skin on top. The dermis is the inside skin which is still alive. The skin was smooth and perfect, color like light tan. Then when I blinked, It became a thin piece of bread again.


When I received the grape juice, I prayed silently again, then I opened my eyes and looked at the grace juice. Suddenly, in the middle of the grape juice cup, from the center, there was a point turning red and that point spread out so that the entire cup became blood red color. Then  I blinked and the cup was back to normal, same as any other one.


This showed me that taking the Holy communion is really taking the flesh and blood of Jesus. This is not a joke and it is very important to our spiritual life. As Lord Jesus said: [54] Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. [55] For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed.   John 6:54-55  


May all the glory, praise, and honor be unto our Lord Jesus Christ Holy name. Amen.