Lord God Led Me to the Only Church of Salvation

     By Lemuel Leong

       Sis. Jessica*, who had once serving zealously as a religious education director from Roman Catholic Church, had a dream every night since 2010 where she heard a voice that said to her, "Go look for the true church." Usually, she ignored it.

       One year after, she couldn't ignore it anymore and responded to the voice and said, "I'm already a very devout Christian and don't need to look for the true church."

       The voice responded, "The true church teaches biblical teachings, not traditions of man. The true church has the Holy Spirit, evidenced by the speaking of tongues."

       When this sister woke up, she called a friend in Kudat, northern part of Sabah to see where she could find the true church. The friend said, "True Jesus Church."

       She wanted a second opinion and called another friend. The second friend in Kota Kinabalu also told her "True Jesus Church".

       Neither friends were TJC members.

       She thought maybe this was just a coincidence, so she emailed a Caucasian friend from Belgium and asked the same question. To her surprise, the friend wrote back and also told her to look for the True Jesus Church.

       As a result, she looked up True Jesus Church locations and went to Tuaran church on a Sunday. It happened when she arrived at the church, the church workers were having a meeting in an auxiliary building. After speaking with her and understanding why she was there, Eld. Timothy Boruboi held a gospel class with her and talked about keeping the Sabbath. At this time, she has not yet entered the main chapel.

       The day before she came to observe Sabbath for the first time, she had a dream where she entered a chapel that was clean, simple and without statues.  When she decided to turn to the right and chose a seat, she saw a woman holding a child in front of her. Then, she woke up.

       Next Saturday, she came to the Sabbath worship service at the church for the first time. As she entered the chapel, she felt a sense of familiarity. Walking in, she decided to turn to the right and chose a seat to sit. By then she saw a sister holding a child just like in her dream.

       Praise God, she started coming to the True Jesus Church to seek the truth and from then on she eventually received baptism. All glory be given unto God, amen.


       Note: *Real name changed to protect witness identity due to ongoing family persecution.

       Please remember this sister in your prayers. May the Lord show her and her whole family mercy, grace and blessings.  We may not know her real name, but the Almighty God knows and will answer our prayers accordingly and further remember your love.



-- 梁利慕伊勒傳道 Pendeta Lemuel Leong 視頻


       聖靈的見證~~Face Jesus