One True Church

   By Isaac Leong

     In the name of the Lord Jesus, I bear witness. My name is Isaac Leong. This testimony is related to how I received an inspiration to compose a hymn through dream. At the end of May 2020, during the MCO period, I prayed that God would inspire me with a song. Indeed, God answered my prayer. In the following night, I got inspiration through listening to the melody of a song. However, I did not act quickly to write out the song.

     I am a person with many dreams. Every night, I would sleep with many dreams playing in my mind but on 28 July 2020, I had a dream in the form of a rebuke that was clearly related to the inspiration of the song I received. That night, I dreamed that I was standing alone in front of a house in a residential area. All the houses in the area were white and the atmosphere there was so pleasant that it seemed like it was not of this world. Suddenly, a man who dressed in a royal courier stopped in front of me, and he handed out a very beautiful letter that resembled an invitation to a royal ball or a ball at the palace because there were a seal and a golden pattern on the letter. As the mailman or postman went to the other houses, I started to open the letter. The paper in the envelope was like a very long scroll. I had to read the contents of the letter instantly as I was taking out the letter from the envelope because it seemed to have no end.

     I began reading the contents of the letter. In the dream, I could not tell what language it was, however after reading it, I was clear that the letter was a form of rebuke.

     "I have given you an inspiration since May, but you are still wasting time." (In the letter, there was also a detailed account of the activities I did during those few months including watching some popular anime series).

     “Write out the song and name it ‘One True Church’. The melody of this song will not disappear from your memory till you have completed writing it". With that reminder, I woke up from the dream.

     On the next day, I shared this dream with my parents, and they encouraged me to write out the song quickly. Thank God, I finished writing the full score of this song on 07 August 2020. As mentioned in the letter of my dream, as soon as I finished writing the song, surprisingly, the melody was no longer hovering in my memory and I even had to look at what was written on the song sheet to recall.

     The lyrics were written by my father, Lemuel Leong on 09 August 2020. All glory is only worthy to God. Hallelujah!


    後記:宏真樂意分享原譜。宏真曾說這首曲子、不算是他作曲;他只是從主那裡copy & paste罷了。感謝主!很歡迎大家下載、練唱、傳唱,宣揚主耶穌賜給我們人類、在末世惟一使人得救的真耶穌教會——獨一真教會!這是天的門;來這裡,必然得見神!親近祂,享安息。







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