On 6/15/14 daybreak prayer, God inspired my mother, “What is man! You can only ‘exhale.’ But all ‘inhale’ is given by God. (At this time, God gave her a vision to see the bottom portion of a person’s face. This person breathed in and out according to the word of God.) Only when you inhale, can you be counted as being alive.”

        All life is given by God. While we are living, we are not our own. We live because Christ lives in us. Therefore, we must often be thankful for the love of God, to live for God, and be willing to lay down our life in the future for our Lord. Just as our elders in the faith, who became faithful servants of God; they were well pleasing to God and received God’s commendation and blessing. Now they rest in Paradise, awaiting us to join them.

Do not love this world and the things of this world, for all these things shall pass away. Only those who tightly grasp hold of God, love God more than anything else in the world, will be able to walk a life according to the Holy Spirit and not according to the flesh. Then in the future, we can enter the kingdom of God and be able to see again the faces of those whom we have longed to see. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to be together, forever in heaven?

We must believe in the words and promises of God. God never lies. God will not joke. Whatever He tells us, we just believe it! That’s it. We will be counted right and worthy if we work in concert with God’s performance and His work. We should not crave the riches and splendor of this world. We must be honest and genuine Christian disciples in this world so that we will not be ashamed to meet the Lord face to face on that day.