On the morning of March 6, 2014, at 4:45 am, God told me to get up. After I awoke, I remember the spiritual dream I just had. God protected me so the devil could not bully me or hurt me.

          After washing, I prayed for members who were sick. the Holy Spirit moved me, “You must tell him, repent to God, pray diligently, then God will surely heal you. All his difficulties, God will surely resolve. Tell him not to worry, but only believe in God.”

I continued to proactively and urgently pray for the member who was undergoing tribulation. As I prayed to God for mercy, God inspired, “He (she) must repent before God, pray diligently, God will surely heal (or God will surely resolve, God will surely bless, God will surely deliver…)

The Holy Spirit continued to move me, “Every person must repent to God, pray with contrition. God will surely heal. God will surely listen to his (her) prayers, God will surely grant his (her) requests, God will surely bless him (her)… The blessings that God has promised, we will surely receive.”


      2014 04 03 -

- Pr. Tien Huei-Huan