On the evening of 2/17/14, my mother prayed to God before going to bed, pleading to the Lord to keep us safe and at peace. God let her see a vision. In front of her appeared high mountain ranges. Then she saw whitish, thick, and liquid like substance overflowing the mountain peaks. It will flow down and reverse flow back up to cover the peaks, and then flow back down again! When flowing up there is no sound, but when flowing downwards, there was the sound of tsunami.

          My mother asked, “What is that? That white thing?”

            The Holy Spirit moved her, “That is the ‘wave’ and ‘frost’ together, combined together into a tsunami. It is a disaster that you cannot escape whether you live on the mountain top or bottom. Any corner you go, you will meet with disaster.”

            Mother asked, “Why?”

            God inspired, “The Day of the Lord is at hand. Disasters are used to remind you.” 

            Mother saw the frosted waves of the tsunami, and how quickly it overflowed and diffused through the layers of mountain ranges in the front. Only two mountains were left. The iced tsunami was about to cover the place that she lives too! Despite the crisis, she hastened to cry out to God loudly for help! God help me!

            At this time, the frosted tsunami waves stayed in place. The sun revealed its shine and mother knew that through God’s protection, everything is now at peace.