On 2/15/14 Sabbath worship service, my mother saw a vision during prayer. She saw herself walking on a road. In the front, she saw a fork in the road. Then she saw a boy of about 12 years old, who started walking on the left fork of the road. The boy’s parents came from behind urgently calling and reminding him, “Don’t go that way! Turn back quickly! Come back quickly to the right side of the road!”

          But the boy would not listen. The parents kept calling to him to turn back. Then the boy became very angry! He turned around and kicked a bunch of grass along the road. Then a bunch of thorns all pricked into the soles of his right foot! The boy burst out crying! He then sat on the ground, pulling his thorns out one by one, while crying the whole time because it was so painful. The boy’s parents just looked on and did not come forward to help him pull out the thorns.

When my mother saw this vision, she thought to herself. If that boy does not pull out all the thorns from the soles of his feet, he will be unable to stand up and unable to walk.

           God inspired her, “Thorns are tribulations.”


      2014 03 31 - 1 Timothy 1 -