Twenty years ago, this happened when we were visiting a members house. A preacher and other members all came to the house to gather in fellowship.


        While during the conversation, they began to survey each person as to what they will be leaving their children for an inheritance. Some say they left many acres of lands. Others said they left houses. Others said how much was accumulated in their bank account balance. As they were speaking, their faces glowed with love as they poke of the rich possessions they wanted to leave for their children.  Then after everyone talked, they all quieted and directed their gaze toward their preacher, asking, "What do you plan to leave to your children?"


The preacher had his both eyes closed pretending to be asleep, though he was actually listening intently. Someone next to him nudged him with the question.  The preacher looked around at everyone, all these who were his sheep, and laughed, saying, "I have nothing else to leave my children, other than this: the unfinished Commission of God which must be carried on."


The preacher is often found traveling, working for God far away from home. At the rare times when the preacher is at home, he will often tell his children, "Whenever I am far away, I will always very delighted to hear any news about your services in the Lord, how you fervently work for the Lord in joy and zealously attend church services and events. Whenever I hear of your fervor, I become very comforted."


On August 3, 1990, the preacher was suddenly called home by the Lord and passed away, in the middle of his ministry. Though it was unexpected, The preacher had left behind beautiful steps of faith for his children to learn and follow.  He has successfully passed on the baton of faith and given to his children the best. He will meet the Lord in peace.


The Lord Jesus Christ is indeed your portion and inheritance. (Numbers 18:20). God will put the same spirit of servitude in your sons and daughters: they will serve God with their whole heart, with their life, never failing to be my witnesses until the day of the Lord's coming.


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