Praying to God one day, a person asked God, "Why does that person get so many blessings from you?"

         The Holy Spirit answers saying,"Look at that person's heart of love; his love is very great! So he deserves great blessings!"

       The greatest requirement needed in our journey of faith and in our daily life is love. Without love, the family will be in constant chaos and discord. Without love, it is easy to commit sins. Love is the bridge between man and God; it is the also the bridge between people.

        Sometimes we may think that God has abandoned us and no longer loves us; that is not so. It is because we have first forsaken God. When we sin against God, a barrier comes between us and God; it is not because God no longer wants us. We need to repent, turn back, and obey God, show our love to God, to rebuild the bridge we have with God. God will forgive us our sins and love us back.

        Similarly, we need to pay attention to love others and build bridges with others through love. If we take the time to love one another, God knows and remembers all our acts of love. God knows who loves little and who loves much. Our efforts to love God and others will not be in vain.

       When we remember that Jesus Christ has forgiven us much, then it will be easier for us to love Him and others even more. Jesus says in Luke 7:47,"Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”



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