One Sabbath morning, we were praying in church before the service began. Amidst the difficult struggle to maintain our faith in this wicked and perilous world, we find it even harder to keep our inner peace. So we cry to God to preserve us.

         The Holy Spirit responded with this inspiration:“Though worries and despair shall try to pierce you, no distress shall ever harm you. God’s wings of grace shall always uphold you and lift you up from the right and from the left.”Suddenly, an unexplainable calm and comforting peace enters our inner being. What a beautiful blessing to be able to find God's mighty wings of grace ready to help you!

But we should be aware that each time we hear of a disaster happening in the world, it is God warning us that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon. Each cataclysm is another tolling of the end time bell, shaking us from our spiritual stupor.

As long as we continue to obey God in all things, our perseverance will pay off. Just be patient! If we can endure all trials, we shall surely be saved in the end. 


Satan's City Sodom撒但的--所多

20120622 Satan's City Sodom - Pr Tien Huei-Huan MND TWN撒但的--所多田輝